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7 Best Pedal Kayaks in 2019 - (Reviews And Complete Buying Guide)

7 Best Pedal Kayaks in 2019 – (Reviews And Complete Buying Guide)

There are numerous ways you can get thrill out of water and kayaking is one of them. Propelling yourself with peddles can be a wonderful experience. Various pedal kayak bands have fabricated the kayaks with a high-tech system that allows you to go hands-free and move smoothly.

Get your water trip started with the best pedal kayak which you can find from among the top 7 pedal kayaks we have discussed below.

Pedal Kayak Reviews

Best Pedal Kayaks
  • Ocean Kayak Malibu
  • Color: Ahi, Seaglass, Envy, Sunrise
  • Persons Capacity: 1
  • Dimensions: 144 x 34.5 x 17 inches
  • Weight: 100 pounds
  • Warranty: limited lifetime warranty

Best Pedal Kayaks
  • Old Town Canoes & Kayaks
  • Color: Lime Camo
  • Persons Capacity: 1
  • Dimensions: 158 x 36 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 110 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Pedal Kayaks
  • 2018 Hobie Mirage
  • Color: Seagrass Green
  • Persons Capacity: 2
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Pedal Kayaks
  • Perception Pescador Pilot
  • Color: Moss Camo
  • Persons Capacity: 1
  • Dimensions: 150 x 33.8 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Pedal Kayaks
  • Native Watercraft Slayer
  • Color: Hidden Oak
  • Persons Capacity: 1
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Best Pedal Kayaks
  • BKC UH-PK11
  • Color: Grey
  • Persons Capacity: 1
  • Dimensions: N/A
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Ocean Kayak Malibu Pedal

Best Pedal KayaksKayaking experience might not go well every time. However, Malibu pedal is here to make it convenient and carefree. You can ride the waves just perfectly with Malibu, the PDL drive that gets set up in no time. With its docking station, you can tip up so smoothly that you don’t have to struggle with the setting your pedal afloat and also with landing the kayak. It’s the pedal power that lets the Malibu pedal drift in the water. This is the right choice if you are a first-timer as Malibu is one of the best kayak brands.

Furthermore, it allows bringing your kids along as it has a kid’s jump seat. Not only this, you don’t have to leave your pet back at home, it has room for your little puppy as well. The best part about Malibu Pedal is that it accommodates everyone regardless of age and skill level.

This sturdy 12-foot kayak has everything you might need for a perfect ride on water such as Click Seal hatch, perfect stern, storage pockets for your small supplies, 3 cup holders and what not. Let it be a fishing trip or a little exploring, you have everything under control with Malibu Pedal.


  • Room for kids as well as pets.
  • Easy to launch and land.
  • Advances peddling system
  • Maintenance-free
  • Easy and quick drive.
  • Storage pockets and cup holders
  • Sturdy composition.
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No cons to be seen, Malibu has all happy customers.

Old Town Predator PDL Fishing Kayak with Rudder

Best Pedal KayaksWhen you are a fishing enthusiast and looking for a platform that is sturdy yet comfortable, Old Town Kayak provides the best performance. It is a tri-hull boat with very accommodating element seating and slip-resistant Exo-Ridge deck. This pedal powered kayak allows you to have better control with its forward and backward mobility. You also get to enjoy numerous fishing features. Old Town is one of the oldest brands in this watercraft industry, making your water adventures fun with its state-of-the-art technology. This 13-foot, 2-inch kayak offers a speed of 5.5 miles per hour. You can stay at the fishing spot without paddling.

Carrying important gears and other supplies will not be a problem as The Predator PDL has a lot of storage space to offer where you can keep whatever you want. It provides a load capacity of 500 pounds. It also features 6 mounting plates that are easily removable. You can use it even on the hot and sunny days as its air comfort system would keep you cool.

Furthermore, its installation will not be difficult. It has a rudder system with control knob which makes your turns smooth. Also, fasten it quickly with its screw-lock factor.


  • Exo-ridge tank for storage
  • Anti-slip tank
  • Easy control and stable rides
  • Can be quickly installed
  • Adjustable seating system
  • Lifetime warranty
  • AirComfort system to keep you for sunny days
  • Zippered pockets
  • Lightweight and sturdy


  • Not suitable for a big person

Hobie Mirage Compass Pedal Kayak

Best Pedal KayaksWhat makes the Hobie Mirage compass one of the best is its Glide Technology Drive that gives you the performance beyond your expectations. Hobie pedal kayak has the reverse drive as well. When fishing is the main motive, mirage compass has you covered with the rod-holder it features which is molded in. Also the H-track mounts for the accessories you carry while kayaking and not to forget the transducer cavity to let you fix a Lowrance® fishfinder. Its polyethylene framework is quite durable.

Kayaker’s compartment it offers has plenty of space including the deck area to let you stand.
The seat is composed of mesh fabric that you can adjust according to your comfort. It has been installed at an ideal height so that fishing becomes even more convenient. Removable tackle storage is also there underneath that you can take off on shore. Moreover, it provides amazing stability even at rock-solid platforms. The rudder handle offers fantastic grip with fingertip steering.

The bow storage space lets you carry your favorite gears for the adventures on the water. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can consider Hobie Mirage Compass for your kayaking trip.


  • Fantastic Drive system
  • Comfy mesh seating
  • Lots of onboard storage
  • Wide enough to provide perfect stability
  • Easy installation of accessories.
  • Fishing accessories.
  • Tons of capacity for gear
  • Adjustable peddles


  • It is not pet-friendly
  • It doesn’t come with a warranty
  • Not suitable for kids

Perception Pescador Pilot

Best Pedal KayaksPaddlers can have an amazing experience with the Pescador pilot as it offers great stability and wonderful performance. If it is your first time you are going for pedal kayak fishing, you must keep Pescador Pilot on your consideration list. No matter at what level you stand, you would have an amazing drive on the surface of the water. It helps you make fishing even more fun by allowing you to cast while standing. This brand has always worked on innovation and providing you with the best value for your money ever since. Along with the beautiful design, it has plenty of space to offer. This kayak gets moving smoothly with its Drive propeller system. Take photos or fish around, leaving your hands free, you are absolutely under control.

The chair is made of mesh and you can even remove it. When talking about control, it features One-handed rudder. It is a perfect watercraft for slow-moving and calm coastal water. Fish-finder support, molded-in holders for fishing rods, and fishing gear tracks make you all ready for fishing. This one is the best kayak for beginners as it is committed with safety by providing the built-in buoyancy and ultra-stability.


  • Pilot drive pedal system, lightweight and removable
  • Snug and removable mesh chair
  • Extra spacious
  • Added storage under the seat
  • Drink holders
  • Molded-in rod holders
  • Safe and durable
  • Super stability


  • No warranty offered
  • Cup holders are a bit wide; it doesn’t fit the drink sometimes.

Native Watercraft Slayer 10 Propel Pedal Fishing Kayak

Best Pedal KayaksWhen you are not hunting heavy kayaks that require a lot of effort to move from your place to the kayaking destination, you should look into the features of Slayer 10 People pedal fishing kayak that only weighs 62 lbs. Didn’t it leave your eyes wide open? Comparing to the other brands in the market, this is one of the lightest you can easily slide in your truck. Being lightweight id not only the prominent feature, but it also stands out for best hands-free fishing. It comes with Propel Pedal Drive System, forward as well as reverse.

Catching a big game is not very difficult with the Slayer Propel 10. You would enjoy a delicious fish feast if you experience the fishing with slayer 10. The stability and comfort its armchair has to offer are second to none. The cockpit is totally clutter-free even if you are an XXL angler. Its pedaling speed is 3.5 miles per hour but it also depends on the wind as well as current.

You can capture your big catch by fixing your camera on the rails. You can also mount your best kayak fish finder. You can count on this one for the best fishing experience.


  • Amazing propel pedal drive system
  • Super lightweight
  • Comfortable seating and pedal position
  • Rails for mounting cameras
  • Clutter-free captain compartment
  • Effortless left-hand rudder control
  • Versatile


  • No extra space
  • No warranty
  • No drink holders

BKC UH-PK11 Pedal Drive Solo Rover

Best Pedal KayaksIf you intend to run miles on the water, you need a kayak that has the ability to make your distant traveling trouble-free. With plentiful cargo space and all-around propulsion choice, you can make it to your favorite destination smoothly and effortlessly. Optimized with a pedal drive system, BKC UH-PK11 kayak offers the speed of your choice. You also get the option to include a trolling motor for plain-sailing cruising.

When you have to run miles away on water, you depend on the seat for classic comfort. Thanks to the aluminum-framed chair Brooklyn Kayak Company features in its pedal drive solo rover. Comfy padded seat allows you to make adjustments according to choice. You get to enjoy backrest features as well.
This craft, perfect for fishing, has 3-rod holder to let you be hands-free. This beautiful piece’s hull is 10-foot, 6-inches long and 34-inches wide and imparts excellent stability to stand in almost all the weather conditions. Moreover, it weighs only 60 pounds to let you carry it along wherever you want. It is composed of material; High-density polyethylene which is protected against UV rays.

You can now enjoy the most thrilling experience on the water with amazing features of BKC Pedal Drive UH-PK11 Solo Rover.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Extra comfortable for distant traveling.
  • Amazing pedal drive system.
  • Supports trolling motor
  • Pedals with adjustable straps
  • Plentiful capacity
  • Aluminum framed padded seat
  • Backrest features


  • It has no lifetime warranty

Hobie Pro Angler 14

Best Pedal KayaksHobie pedal kayak has earned a prominent place in the kayak industry with many happy customers and is the best pedal kayak for sale. However, Pro Angler 14 brings in all the features every kayak angler might want. Providing you with wide enough hull, PA 14 allows you to enjoy sight fishing while standing with extra stability. You would also believe that it is the best kayak for money when you would experience the slant seating system. It feels like a reclining with deep pads on a kayak. Now you can get the idea of the comfort level it provides.

The next-level stability would astonish you as you can stand effortlessly and fish around without taking help of any other instrument like a leaning bar. When talking about the storage space, you would find it almost in every corner. You can bring along anything you would possibly need during pedal kayak fishing.

The added turbo fins along with upgraded mirage drive make the ride smoother than its previous models. The manufacturer has worked a lot on the layout. It is beautifully designed with everything on it making sense. Multiple storage points for supplies and tools, pockets, tackle tray make it possible for you to bring the best out of this kayak.


  • Turbo fins for an extra smooth ride
  • Stability at its best
  • Wide enough to let you stand and fish
  • Multiple storage corners
  • Beautiful layout
  • The incredibly comfortable seating system


  • It is quite heavy to carry around
  • A bit pricey

What Pedal Kayak Fits You?

How do you know what pedal kayak fits you? There are certain details that you need to take into account before putting out your money. These details would help you determine which one is the perfect fit for you. What are those details? Read below!

Length and capacity

The performance of a kayak surely pivots on its length. How do you find out how long a kayak should be? When the water bodies are mainly small like ponds and creeks, a short kayak i.e. less than 11 feet would be perfect as short ones offer more maneuverability and low speed as compared to the longer ones. While on the bigger waters, you must go for a long kayak. Also, don’t forget to consider the capacity. Your weight and of the things you would be carrying should match the capacity that is being offered. Also, there are both 1 person kayak and 2 person kayak available on the market.


The kayak should be stable enough to not let you fall out. Kayaks back in previous times were not stable enough to let you stand. Models today have this feature to offer. However, narrow kayaks are the ones with less stability. Go for the models providing wader decks particularly if you are the one with big body and plan on fishing while standing up. Narrow ones can work for those who have experience in the water. One more thing, if you are using kayak trolling motor along with a boat battery, it would become heavy. It would also affect stability.

Storage and mounts

When fishing on a kayak, you must carry all necessary gear with you and your kayak should have enough storage space and mounts to let you keep whatever you might need during your fishing adventure. Some kayaks would offer integrated storage while others would come up with molded internal hatches. Map out your list of things that you are likely to carry then consider the space you need.


Portability is also a crucial factor when you are doing research on the best kayaks. If you intend to frequently change the place for fishing, you need a lightweight kayak that you can easily carry around. Also, you might need one that you can easily load up on your truck. But remember that the advanced and sit-on-top models are heavier. Thus, set your expectations accordingly. With more features, more stability, more capacity, you cannot expect a kayak weighing 30-40 pounds.


The durability of a kayak would depend on the construction material. The material used in kayak’s engineering should be sturdy to let it last longer. Buying a kayak is quite an investment. Your kayak breaking down after just a few uses would be the last thing you want. Make sure the material is durable. Most of the times, it is made of polyethylene plastic. However, you can also find ones made with ABS plastic, carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other fabric.


Comfort is the factor you should never compromise. When you want to make the maximum use of the seat, it should be snug and keep you away from back and leg fatigues. Many brands have invested their money on the seat material to make it comfortable for long traveling as well. The seat should also offer adjustability according to your height and weight. Not only the seat makes your kayak comfortable. The pedals should be comfortable as well. They should be positioned in a way that doesn’t make your legs tired and painful. Many brands on the market offer amazing kayaks pedal drive kits to make the ride smooth and efficient.


Pedal kayaking has come to a whole new level with all those new features kayak brands are offering for smoother and faster rides than they were before. All these new kayaks on the market let you add something you want such as kayak trolling motor or boat battery. Not only this, you can build your own pedal drive with the help of those kayak pedal drive you find on the internet. Moreover, you get to enjoy hands-free fishing with extra stability kayaks have to provide these days.

Whether you want to ride the waves alone or you want someone to accompany you, both 1 person kayak and 2 person kayak are available to meet your needs. Now you can get your partner, kid, friend, or even your puppy along. If you are looking for the kayaks that do not require a lot of investment because you are just a beginner and the trip is going to be a shorter one, you can also find the best kayak under 300. These are mostly inflatable kayaks and are not the ones with pedals. If 300 is still the amount you are not ready to spend, you can, luckily, get a kayak under 200 as well.

In a nutshell, the kayak you pick yourself should cater all your needs on water. Thus it is necessary that you read the best kayak reviews to get to the necessary details. We hope that, with our reviews on the top 7 best pedal kayak along with complete buying guide, you found this write up of some help. You can now do a comparison of the details discussed above and pick the one with all the features you were looking for.

Have fun with your new kayak!